November 2009

Homeowners Make Tax Reform Suggestions to President Obama
Government Website Helps Homeowners with Mortgage Problems
Senate to Vote on Home Buyers Tax Credit
Homeowners May Get $8.7 Billion Relief in Mortgage Lawsuit
Creating a New Consumer Financial Protection Agency
U.S. Running Out of Mobile Bandwidth

October 2009

Homeowners ask Obama to Press Congress to Extend “Dough for Dwellings” Tax Credit
Foreclosure Forbearance and Strategic Defaults are a Growing Trend in Housing
Promote Telework, Homeowners Tell Federal Communications Commission
I fall for colors: “Turn! Turn! Turn!”
Broadband Group Lays out Issues for the Federal Communications Commission

September 2009

Foreclosure Increases Plus Home Buyers Tax Credit Lapse Threaten Economy
Mandatory Mediation Laws Helping to Preserve Property Values
High Speed Broadband Helping Rural Homeowners
Mortgage Lender Management Problems Beg for New Solutions
Side Business or Hobby – A Double-edged Sword
Consumer Financial Protection Agency is the Long Term Solution

August 2009

Healthcare Legislation at the Crossroads
More Signs of a Housing Recovery
Administration Pressures Lenders to Make Mortgage Modifications
Remodeling in 2009
Technology Policy Will Impact Homeowners
New Rules to Protect Borrowers
The Changing Face of Yard Sales

July 2009

Administration Proposes Major Financial System Overhaul
Free Home Buyers Guide Available
Homeowners Call for Universal Broadband Access
Half of Americans No Longer View Home Ownership as a Wealth Builder
Home Buyers Tax Credit May Be Expanded
What makes land valuable?
EPA to Issue New Home Energy Efficiency Standards

June 2009

Homeowners Call for Repeal of Protectionist State Laws
American Homes Getting Greener
Refinancing Your Mortgage Makes Sense for Many
The New Credit Card Reform Law
Rethinking Remodeling
The Impending Healthcare Battle

May 2009

Break Up the Big Banks Say Economists, Homeowners
Home Repair Scams Growing
Housing Bill to Help More Homeowners
Economy Driving Simplicity and Intergenerational Family Movement
Congress Acts to Limit Credit Card Abuses
Jobs and Teleworking Will Follow Broadband Buildout
Garage/Yard Sale Season upon Us

April 2009

Guide to Homeowner Tax Credits & Foreclosure Assistance Programs Available
Housing Outlook Improving
Homeowners Ask Congress for New Home Office Deduction
Extending Broadband to Rural Areas
President Obama Visits a Rural Homeowner
Free IRS Taxpayer Support

March 2009

temporarily unavailable.

February 2009

House Passes Economic Stimulus Bill
Remodeling May be Smarter than Buying
Homeowners Welcome and Congratulate President Obama
Fed Reducing Mortgage Balances for Troubled Homeowners
Swelling Foreclosures May Soon Hit Market
Judges May Soon be Able to Modify Mortgages
Homeowner Tidbits

January 2009

Tax, Teleworking, Telecom Ideas for Obama Economic Stimulus Plan
A Bakers Dozen New Years Resolutions
Homeowners Propose Unified Comprehensive Housing Recovery Plan
How to Fix Your Life in 2009
Support for Judicial Intervention in Foreclosures Grows

December 2008

Giving Thanks for the Latest Rescue Effort
How Homeowners are Hunkering Down
Homeowners Likely to Benefit from Obama Stimulus Initiatives
The Housing Market of the Future
Homeowner Hints, Rants, and Raves

November 2008

New Homeowner Rescue Program Near
New Buyers & Investors Returning to the Market
Trick or Treat: Who is the Homeowners’ Candidate?
New Tool for Homeowners at Risk of Foreclosure
Get Involved in Your Future, AHGA Urges

October 2008

Homeowners Suggest Alternative to Wall Street Rescue
Protecting Your Home & Finances in Perilous Times
Broadband is Making Homeowners’ Lives Better
New Federal Benefits for Homeowners Enacted
Outlook for Home Values Brightens

September 2008

How to Protect Yourself from Mortgage Fraud
Congress to Probe Web Privacy
Home Sellers $aving on Commissions
Viability of Major Mortgage Organizations Threatened
States Continue to Promote Renewable Energy While Congress Dithers
Beware of Voter Registration Scams

August 2008

Massive Housing Rescue Bill Passed
Homeowner Security: New Technology, New Vulnerability
Home Office Tax Simplification Introduced
How to Beat the Heat
Key Legislator Outlines Environmental Priorities
New Lending Tool May Help Reduce Mortgage Rates
The Need for Speed

July 2008

June, 2008: A Month for Homeowners to Forget
Grassroots Alliance Urges Gasoline Conservation Measures
Floodplain buyout: Maybe it’s time to stop rebuilding
Homeowners, Businesses Support Simplified Home Office Deduction
Home Buyers’ Interest in Foreclosures and Short Sales Growing
Alliance Calls for Elimination of Internet Taxes
Hunker Down Hints for Homeowners
Better Consumer Education Needed, Homeowners Say

June 2008

Justice Department Slaps the Realtors
Rent, Swap or Stay? – Save with a Home-based Vacation
On the Brink of a Major Housing Rescue Package?
Despite the Gloom, Most are Happy Homeowners
More Homeowners Getting Connected
This Months’ Money-saving Tips

May 2008

Housing Rescue Initiatives Proceed
Earth Day Home Energy Ideas
Homeowners Offer Tax Simplification, Improvement Ideas
Rewarding Renovations
States Becoming Active on Home Ownership Policy Issues
Some Glimmers of Good News on the Home Front

April 2008

Major Housing Rescue Plan Emerging
Let’s Save Some Lives and Some Money
Signs of Early Spring in a Housing Market Recovery
Anti-homeowner Legislation Beaten Back
Last Minute Homeowner Tax Tips

March 2008

Housing Market Continues Decline as Foreclosures Grow, Prices Drop
Congress, Administration, and Candidates Respond to Deteriorating
Housing Market
New Tax Breaks for Homeowners
Homeowners Call for End to Internet Taxes
Top 10 Foreclosure Avoidance Tips
State Anti-rebate Likely be Stalled

February 2008

Support The Senate Economic Stimulus Package
Dropping Rates Spur Refinancing but Caution is Needed
Homeowners Promote Teleworking Incentives
How to Buy a Country Retirement Place
Homeowners Join FTC to Stop Mandated Free Rides
Find Your Presidential Candidate

January, 2008

Homeowners Get Government Holiday Goodies
Top Ten 2008 New Years Resolutions for American Homeowners
American Homeowners Benefiting More from Technology
Bouquets and Brickbats
Help us Set the 2008 Policy Priorities of American Homeowners

December, 2007

Buying Now Can Be a Smart Move
Can the Government Help Us Save our Homes?
Managing Your Way Out of Adjustable Mortgages
New Life for Energy Legislation?
Holiday Hints for Homeowners

November, 2007

Home Prices and Sales Continue to Drop
Congressional Chairmen Propose Major Tax Law Overhauls
Advances Continue in Home Energy Efficiency
Congress Passes Internet Tax Moratorium
10 Tips for Healthier Home Air This Winter
The Complaint Department is Open
Healthcare Proposals Take One Step Forward, One Back
Homeowners Detail Recommendations to Encourage Teleworking

October 2007

Congress Readies Mortgage Market Remedies
Home Selling Tips for Slow Markets
AHGA Pushes Telenvironmental Solutions
Easy Ways to Reduce Home Energy Costs
Prospects for Healthcare Savings Improving
Steps Underway to Improve Mortgage Disclosures and Lending Practices

September 2007

Congress May Restrict the Mortgage Interest Deduction
Home Sellers Using New Tools to Sell their Homes
“Help Promote Teleworking,” Says AHGA
Health Care Proposals Advance
Energized Over Energy
Your Future Home

July 2007

National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Introduced
Good News for Homeowners on the Tech Front
Annual declines continue in Home-price index
Energy Bill Progresses
Remodeling Revisited

June 2007

Gas Prices Driving Teleworking Issues
Feds and 60 Minutes Reveal Continuing Real Estate Abuses
Homeowners and the Exaflood
Property Tax Revolution Expanding
More Congressional Action on Mortgage Lending
Don’t Tax the Net

May 2007

Adding Value to Your Home
New Developments May Counteract Mortgage Crisis
Interest in Buying Foreclosures is Growing
Health Industry Keeps its Hand in Your Wallet
New Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers
Congress Considering Retirement Savings Incentives

April, 2007

Grassroots Alliance Urges Improved Antitrust Enforcement
The Greening of American Homes
Congress Poised to Regulate Mortgage-funding Companies
More Homeowners Find Net Benefits
Mortgage Woes Hurting More Homeowners
Help Reduce Healthcare Costs

March, 2007

Homeowner Tax Tips
Support for TV Services Competition Grows
Home Sales Helpers
Real Estate Property Rights Expanding
Mortgage Market Getting Tighter

February, 2007

Homeowners Call on Congress to Encourage Home Ownership
Soft Market for New Homes Helps Drive Remodeling
Congress Wants More Strict Loan Guidelines
Foreclosures – Opportunity for Some, Albatross for Many

January, 2007

Eight 2007 New Years Resolutions for American Homeowners
Home Market Stabilizing
Selling in a Tough Market
Consumer Group Calls for Action in Real Estate Services Sector
Help Us Set the Policy Priorities of American Homeowners