The recent enactment of the Medicare prescription drug legislation assures that many older homeowners will not have to sell their homes to get money to pay for expensive prescription drugs. It also includes incentives for employers to continue to provide retiree health insurance coverage and allows beneficiaries the choice between new managed care options and traditional Medicare. AHGA urges Congress to make legal the importation of prescription drugs and eliminate the prescription coverage gap. Health insurance costs for the self-employed should be made fully deductible and some of the current restrictions on all group or individual health insurance policies should be removed. At a minimum however all health plans should cover care at the nearest emergency room, including costs of emergency services and “post-stabilization” care, pay for prescribed drugs (even if those drugs are not on the insurers “approved’ list), guarantee patients direct access to pediatricians and obstetrician-gynecologists, require insurers to allow patients the choice of any physician (at a higher cost if necessary), allow permanent unlimited access to medical savings accounts, and allow patients to seek state and/or federal damage awards that are proportionate to the injury.

Health Care