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Consumer Protection/Action Consumer Action Handbook. Provides assistance with consumer problems and complaints and includes directory of consumer contacts at hundreds of companies and trade associations, state and federal government agencies, local and national consumer organizations, and more. 148 pp. (2001.FCIC)

Top 10 Financing Tips

Tip 1. Don’t Stretch Your Loan Qualification Limits To Buy A Home Beyond Your Budget.   A home should be a source of satisfaction and an investment not a financial albatross, especially for first-time buyers. Borrowing heavily from family members, selling

Top 10 Remodeling Tips

Tip 1. Compare The Cost Of Moving To Remodeling.  Moving is expensive, typically involving a 6% commission on the sale of your current home, plus another 2-4% for closing, moving, and other costs.  If you like the present neighborhood then

Top 10 Seller’s Tips

Tip 1: In strong markets, where demand outstrips supply, home sellers can old out for top dollar. In weak markets the reverse is true – there are many homes on the market and unless you price your home very competitively

Free 10 Minute Home Energy Audit

The American Homeowners Foundation (AHF) is providing this free Home Energy Audit to help homeowners reduce energy consumption costs. The National Energy Assistance Directors Association predicts that home heating oil bills will cost $2,200 in New England this winter, up