Health Care

The recent enactment of the Medicare prescription drug legislation assures that many older homeowners will not have to sell their homes to get money to pay for expensive prescription drugs. It also includes incentives for employers to continue to provide

Consumer Protection

The American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance endorses the consumer protection principles of the Consumer Federation of America: Choice: The marketplace must give consumers the opportunity to make informed choices among services, goods, and sellers. Safety: Consumers should be able to purchase

Energy, Environment and Property Rights

Energy The American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance supports energy policies that will protect the quality of life for future homeowners. Homeowners should support energy conservation in every way possible. There should be an increase in funds earmarked for weatherization for low-income

Real Estate Laws

Dual Agency The American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance urges the repeal of recent changes in state real estate laws that would allow a real estate broker to represent both a buyer and a seller simultaneously. Until recent years traditional real estate

Tax Incentives for Home Ownership

The American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance supports the tax deductibility of mortgage interest and private mortgage insurance. AHGA also supports the exemption of capitol gains or other taxation on the sale of the home. For most homeowners home equity represents a substantial

Housing Policy

The US economic prosperity has received much impetus from policies that have been promoted home ownership. Programs including the Homestead Act, the GI bill and the creation of federal mortgage credit institutions have made it possible for Americans of all