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Home Base is the monthly newsletter of the American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance and the American Homeowners Foundation. It contains advice to help you buy, sell, finance, remodel, build, or maintain your home, as well as timely articles on policy issues that have a significant impact on homeowners.

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Home Base which covers:

Who would be the Best President and Vice President for Homeowners?

Home Values Tracking Upward

Hurricane Sandy’s Lesson for Homeowners

Info on 1 million+ Bank-owned Homes and Foreclosures Now Available

Home Buyers Stymied by Lack of Choice

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Online Sales Tax Would Create Offline Problems

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Preserving the Open Internet

FCC Comments on Telework

American Homeowners Give FCC Suggestions on Universal Broadband

Testimony on Mortgage Reform

Homeowners Ask Hud Secretary to Implement RESPA Rules

Homeowners Congratulate President Obama, Suggest Policy Initiatives

Why Broadband Matters to Homeowners

Homeowners Recommend that Government Tighten RESPA Procedures

AHGA Calls on Congress to Simplify and Reduce Homeowners' Taxes

House Small Business Testimony on Tax/Teleworking

Homeowners Back FTC Effort to End Market Restrictions

Help Homeowners Work at Home = Help the Environment

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New Net Sales Tax Increase Strongly Opposed by Voters

Homeowners Oppose New taxes On Internet Commerce

Federal Court Mandates Real Estate Sales Commission Competition

Homeowners Oppose New Internet Tax

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